Indiana Jones mine cart chase roundup

Despite Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom being many people’s least favorite film in the original trilogy, the mine cart chase scene remains one of my own favorites. It would seem that many LEGO fans agree, given the large number of LEGO creations inspired by this iconic sequence in the movie.

Although a couple days too late for the Indy contest on Klocki, I think this large vignette by Simon Tzidik captures the spirit of the scene best:

I love the curved tracks and sense of motion in Piglet‘s version:

I can feel the heat on the soles of Indy’s shoes in this scene by Mara-chan:

Finally, Piotr Slezak goes vertical with this multi-level vignette:

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  2. Josh

    @mtt – the blonde hair has come in 5 different sets.

    2 Harry Potter sets – 4731 Dobby’s Release and 4720 Knockturn Alley

    1 Star Wars set – 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon

    1 Soccer set – 3416 Women’s Team

    and 1 accessory pack – 10067 Minifig Headgear

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