Heit Boloambar’s custom RXAC-342v

While everyone was oohing and aahing over Nnenn‘s recent modular ships, I realized we’d neglected to blog his beautifully swooshable minifig-scale fighter:

My favorite detail is the transition from the cockpit to the nose, but the engine intakes are totally sweet too.

8 comments on “Heit Boloambar’s custom RXAC-342v

  1. Bunbrick

    Cool build. Particularly like the wings/air-intakes design. Sweet colour-scheme, nice move on that touch of grey. Gives the piece a lot more character. Main section of the craft reminds me of an X-Wing. Classy all the same! And liked the hidden compartment.

    I was gonna add “More, please!” here, but then looked at nnenn’s Flickr stream and saw how much brickly wholesomeness I had to catch up to already since the above build… He does -sleep-, right? I know I won’t, if he keeps producing so much MOCs for me to look at and admire.

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