LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Video Game Demo now available!

Yep, you read that right! The demo for the new LEGO Indiana Jones video is now available for download here. Brace yourself, it’s nearly 470 MB, but I’m sure it’s worth it (I’m about halfway through downloading it as I write this post). I can’t wait to play! What a great way to celebrate the end of finals (yes, I’m back :) )

15 comments on “LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Video Game Demo now available!

  1. matt

    wait, “the original adventures”? does that mean they’re waiting for the sequel to do Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

    making people buy 2 episodes of what should be only one game seems like a rotten ploy, like what was done with lego star wars “the complete saga” was released, but only AFTER all the true fans had already bought both games…

    *end rant*

  2. Von Goyle

    Uh, I am truly appreciative of the fine games that are offered for my hard earned cash, and I don’t whine much, but matt is right. I spent over $150 on three games. I’m not doing that with Indy if that’s what they’re planning.

  3. Littlebrick

    I played it, and loved it, apart from the fact that the studs don’t show up. I still managed to get “True Adventurer Status” though. I bet it’s even more fun with two players though, as I just found that out with Lego Star Wars II.

    I am so buying this. I’m going to have to earn the twenty bucks though. My brother can earn the money for the extra USB game controller himself though.

  4. ben

    is this game alresdy out in america then ?? coz england ive gotta wait till june !! :( boo hoo

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