Upcoming Star Wars minifigs

A group shot of the upcoming Star Wars minifigs in the summer ’08 sets were found in the latest issue of Star Wars Insider. Start getting excited! :)

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  1. Carter

    I have to say those look terrible. Was Obi Wan’s hair knitted or made out of play doh? Cartoon characters do not translate well into Lego.

  2. Nannan Post author

    Terrible or not, collectors will want them, and that’s where my end of the bargain ties up. Unique figs sell for much on Bricklink, and they’re known to fetch back a set’s MSRP :D

  3. Brad

    I don’t care for Anakin or Obi, but I like the aliens a great deal and I’ve very interested in the troopers accessories.

  4. novusvir

    The only one I really have a problem with is obi wan, he looks like he’s wearing a peice

  5. Tekjock

    My son will love Cmdr Cody and I’d like to see Plo Koon up close. and yes Obi Wan looks like crap, lets hope thats concept and not final.

  6. Josh

    Wow, Obiwan looks really bad. I’m surprised they released a picture like that. I think he’s a prototype, as we had leaked pictures of Viking prototypes with similar looking beards. Needless to say, we never saw those beards in actual production.

  7. Tedward

    Re: “Cartoon Characters do not translate”: I have to disagree with such a blanket statement. The SpongeBob characters are very well done. The problem with the Star Wars figs (at least Obiwan and Annikin) is not the “translation” but the animated source material. The clone wars cartoon is a strange translation of the live-action characters.

    Of course, I hate the “peachies” so these are just more heads fr my junk pile.

  8. Mclovin

    Those storm troopers look awesome! I also love the general Grievous
    body guards! I hope they come out soon!

  9. Pete

    Obi wan’s hair looks like something made on one of those 3D printers. Wonder if they have started to use one of those for some prototyping?

  10. Repoort

    I’m surprised they made a new mold for Asajj’s lightsabers…hopefully they’ll be just as useful as their predecessors. And yes, Obi-Wan looks terrible, and I think Plo Koon does too. And to agree with Tedward, I think it’s a bad translation of the animation style. They should have worked on the designs a bit to make them more realistc before making the molds. They look too cheesy to me.

  11. Dez

    Is it being picky to say I actually dislike the clone weapons? They just don’t do anything at all for me. That being said, I like the troopers. That new Republic Dropship *will* be mine.

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  13. Ramone

    Remyth, to answer your question abou the helmet, the Clone Wars movie/tv series takes place between episodes 2 and 3. I’m guessing we’ll see an evolution of technology/gear throughout the series. It makes sense to start with the earlier incarnation.

  14. Rocko

    Ugh, not into this. Those big eyeballs look retarded on a minifig and Obi is beyond words in horribleness. These are so bad that even as a Star Wars fan, I have no desire to collect them.

  15. Keith G

    It’s a shame that some really amazing MOCs on the site of sites get no reviews, or 1 review, and this fanboy crap gets 22 ? Commander Cody and Maztr Chef must be friends forever.

  16. funnystuff

    I kind of think Plo Koon’s head looks a bit too skinny. I really like the clone troopers and Ahsoka though. People should stop being so negative, although Obi Wan doesn’t look…great…hes not horrendous enough to make me not want him. Also if that head does end up being the final product, you could always replace it with the old obi wan head or make a jedi with awesome clone armor. Looking forward to these sets!

  17. MegaChalupa

    I really dislike the Magnaguard, the head part of it looks like something out of megablocks, they should have stuck with the Lego StarWars designs for all of the characters so they dont look out of place with the other figs. Ventress’ head looks way to skinny and Obiwan is just plain ugly, Plo Koon can be greatly improved, and they should have stuck with cloth for the pauldrons and kamas.Meh, ill get one set and scrap it for pieces.

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  20. lordtom

    those magna gaurds don’t even look like lego or megablocks they just look like an ordinary toy

    obi wan:
    his hair is atroshus ( the face isn’t so bad i might just keep it with all my odd peices)

    he isn’t so bad, the only thing different to nornal lego is the hair which still isn’t to bad

    i really don’t like the siths hilt they don’t look right to me

    the clones:
    they (again) don’t look like lego or megablocks they just look like normal toys (which lets face it, sucks!)

  21. Mandalorian

    I am a huge star wars fan. I think they all look nice except for obi-wan. Anakin is fine, the clones rock, the magna guards look a little “megablocksie” but not bad, Asajj is okay and Obi-Wan I loved the old Obi-Wan this one STINKS! I hope he is a prototype.

  22. darth thidyuys

    I have one of those anikan figures its okay. obiwans horrible. the two other jedi are……ok. the clones rock. magna guard………..omce again…ok

  23. jangofutt

    Well teh clones are great but god wtf were they thinking when they made obiwan he is beyond horrendous

  24. legomaster

    asajj ventress in the trailer for the new movie is so ugly.

    the lego figures better

  25. Master Plo Koon

    Mhhh well, I think they’re all awesome, but Obi Wan Kenobi. He looks very cool too, but his hair, wtf!
    Plo Koon looks awesome, I think =)
    Anakin is awesome too, I like his new hair.
    The Clones and the Magna Droids are fucking awesome (like Plo Koon =) ).
    Ahsoka is cool also. And Asaj Ventress is O.K. .

    mfg Master Plo Koon

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