The Span of Gryhnt Piro by Remyth

I’m more impressed with each new Castle creation Thomas “Remyth” Wunz posts. “Gryhnt Piro” is certainly no exception:

Here’s Thomas in his own words:

During the glory of the rule of Gyrothyr, the fourteenth king of Veryluai (very-lu-a), many fair things were built. Thought it has rarely been heard of, Gryhnt Piro was a major aspect in lives of those who live around it. Its huge bridge spans two rivers (one of which is depicted), and has made travel over ‘through’ the bandit-infested forests that lay between them possible. Now left in the guard of a very few men, is still stands as a memorial of those grand times.

Click either picture to see all of the details Thomas included.

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