Sinking of the Yamato

Christophe Bongay presents a comical diorama of the last seconds of Yamato combining a few of his previous creations. There are many unique aspects of this creation ranging from the block shark to the disproportional ship, which was originally built as a Metal Slug vehicle.

8 comments on “Sinking of the Yamato

  1. ChibiChistos

    I really enjoyed looking at all the details; I remember first seeing the ship a while ago and (being a fan of Metal Slug) saying “wow”. Looking at it now I’m still pretty amazed that the cartoon-ish design works so well with this model. The guy in the midst of the fire really had a stroke of bad luck, burned and then drowned!

    P.S. I guess i’ve started a little bit of a new building technique for building little swimming people ;)

  2. matt

    so the soldiers stripped down to their shorts after bailing? or are these swimmers that happened to be passing by? just an observation.

    the metal gear look rocks my socks.

  3. Josh

    Matt – they got their clothes blown off in the explosion. ;) Or they were in the shower when the ship got hit? How they got in the water first is a mystery though. :)

  4. Tim David

    All great. I love the use of the jumpers (plate 1×2 with one stud) for cartoon rivet detail

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