Dragon Ball Z Kame House and minifigs

Before you look at the pretty picture:
Q: Is this set for sale?
A: This is not an official set from LEGO, and no, it’s not for sale.

Minific customization master Nick (NickGreat) recently built the Kame House from Dragonball Z in a pseudo LEGO set style. Unfortunately this is the only picture I can find:

But meanwhile, check out Nick’s selection of the highest quality custom Dragonball Z character minifigs:

41 comments on “Dragon Ball Z Kame House and minifigs

  1. zachmoe

    I’ve never seen this, but I must say the quality of those customs are top-notch. Fantastic work.

  2. Demeter Norbi

    I’m a big fan of dbz, and i love these. They’re really great, they’re quality is excellent. I think if lego would produce a dbz line of minifigs, they wouldn’t be as cool looking as these. Congrats, man!
    The only question is, would you make more of these for me to buy?:D

  3. David

    I can’t stand Dragonball Z, but those are the nicest minifigures I have seen. They almost look like real LEGO made minifigures.

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  5. Von Goyle

    Adults playing with toys…tsk tsk
    To anyone who doesn’t know any better, that’s what’s going on here. To those better informed, brick building is a hobby, but to those of us who invest the time and money towards Lego expression… this is a great example of art. ART.

  6. John

    These are awesome!!! I have never seen anything like it. I love DBZ.
    Seriously does anyone know where i could get a hold of these or the person that made these? Cheers

  7. Foxzet

    Oh-my-GOD!! These are the best Lego minifigs I’ve ever seen!!!
    The only small problem is with the Kame House, as it is pink in fact, but doesn’t matter: These are da BEST!

  8. chris

    those dbz toys are so rad i would do anything for toys. this is comeing from a 11 year old,dragon ball z is so cool

  9. goku


  10. dbz-fan

    i love dbz and these are the best dbz-mini-figs i’ve ever seen!!!
    love the house, love dbz and love lego.

    p.s nice kakarot.

  11. john

    NickGreat when are you going to sell your dragon ball z legos. Dude if you have them at your house or where ever you build them sell them to me i will give you $50 dollers for the lego figure.

  12. Imran

    Hey….these r very kool minifigs….could u sell them fr my collection…i hav a whole room full of creations of lego….these r the best hope u’ll sell them to me..lol

  13. nico

    they are so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man i am a big fan of lego and dragon ball z that is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. nico

    they are sooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a superrr big fan of dbz and lego it is sooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool those are perfect how can I get those

  15. BOB

    Do you think you can make another set of custom minifigures and Kame’s house those are probably the best custom minifigures and
    and set. You guys rock!

  16. Gabe

    I love this!!! I love dragonball z and legos! i think it’s the koolest thing to make this iv been waiting for dragonball z lego sets and i guess this is the next best thing. so AMAZING work! lol your Krillin minifig is my favorite.

  17. son-gohan-teen

    DBZ is ma fave animie

    and lego is also coool!!!!

    where can i get this?????

    How can you do this figurs???

    pls answer NICKGREAT!!!!!

  18. René

    wow “Nick” you should make an brickfilm about Dragonball Z (maybe a fight between Goku and Piccolo ) it would be fantastic if you know how to do a brickfilm.Than you could upload the film in youtubue and so on.

  19. Baumtaler

    wow “Nick” you should make an brickfilm about Dragonball Z (maybe a fight between Goku and Piccolo ) it would be fantastic if you know how to do a brickfilm.Than you could upload the film in youtube and so on.

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