Classic Creations: Henry Lim’s Stegosaurus

I’ve been looking at some of the older creations that inspired me when I first discovered the online Lego community and I realized that many people may not have seen these. We never featured them here on The Brothers Brick for the simple reason that the blog didn’t exist then. So, from time to time, I am going to highlight some the classic creations of years gone by.

First up is a Stegosaurus by Henry Lim. Selected to be a Lugnet Cool Site of the Week in November of 2000, this Stegosaurus still has the ability to amaze.

12 comments on “Classic Creations: Henry Lim’s Stegosaurus

  1. Rocko

    It’s good but why go through all the trouble of building this when it’s missing genitalia? Certainly the “family jewels” are a more important part of nature than a tail or a spiky back.

  2. Josh Post author

    Hehe, Tony, it made me feel old too. I don’t know if I remember when it was first posted, but I remember when it was the Cool Site of the Week. Too bad Henry Lim hasn’t built in so long. He has real talent.

  3. watkins

    I miss this beast. I remember it from years ago. It still amazes me to no end.

  4. Epena

    holy crud.

    I defend that bigger doesn’t mean better, and yet, here it is…

    I guess there comes a point where the size is just so large that it is awesome by definition.

  5. bruce

    I’ve been to a Lugola meeting at Henry’s and seen Steggy in person (in dino? in plastic?), plus his Beatles mosaic was on display at UCLA in the music department for a while. He was also at the time working on what was to become his functioning harpsichord. Truly amazing stuff, and a nice guy too.

  6. Ty

    Wow, but if I’m not mistaken, he’s likely to run into trouble if he tries to get it out the door…

  7. Tim David

    I remeber this from back in the day too, I wonder if he ever managed to sell it?

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