Blake’s 7 Liberator by Ed Diment

Here’s one for all you readers in the UK. ;-) Doctor Sinister sends word of Ed Diment‘s Liberator spaceship from the classic BBC TV show Blake’s 7.

Making anything that’s not bilaterally symmetrical is a tough challenge, and Ed accomplishes a ship with three nacelles very nicely.

As an American who grew up in Japan, this was the first I’d heard of Blake’s 7, but now I’m intrigued…

3 comments on “Blake’s 7 Liberator by Ed Diment

  1. Ed Diment

    Thanks for mentioning this one Dr S.

    For those of you on the other side of the pond, Blakes 7 was a great little BBC Sci-fi series of the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was well written and with good characters, but suffered the inevitable low budget problems of dodgy sets, naff special effects and repetion of both locations and cut-away shots. Nostalgically I love it as it engrossed me as a kid – the reallity is it now looks terribly dated and cheap, but maybe that adds to its charm.

    The Liberator is still the coolest spaceship anyone has ever invented though!

  2. Kaitimar

    I saw the show as a kid and Ed is right. Except for the last sentence. Millennium Falcon is the right answer.

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