Human Transporter of the post-apocalyptic landscape

Treaded wheels, check. Cannon, check. Gun-toting human, check. Auto-balance gyroscope, check. From the twisted mind of Rocko emerges a Segway capable of tearing up the wasteland of the future.

While we’re at it, remember the nice lady in this scene? Here’s the bike she was originally going to be riding:

Oh yeah.

3 comments on “Human Transporter of the post-apocalyptic landscape

  1. Jai

    The post-apoc Segway is funny and that’s cool, but the chopper is flat-out jaw-droppingly cool. What a ride.

  2. Jordan Sanders

    Rocko is my new Post apoc god! The segway has to be the coolest post apoc mini creation I’ve seen! That bike is something else. It’s beautiful!

    Keep up the awesome work Rocko!


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