Announcing the LUGNuts Heroes and Villains building challenge

Lino Martins says, “Everyone knows Batman has all the coolest rides.”

As Nathan Proudlove demonstrates above, that’s certainly true! But if you’ve always thought that Spider-Man got hung out to dry or the Green Lantern got left out in the dark, the Heroes and Villains Challenge in the LUGNuts group on Flickr is your chance to give your favorite characters a sweet, sweet ride.

Here’s a bit more from Lino:

Variety is important and I’d like to see this become the coolest and most successful LUGNuts challenge yet, so if the creative juices are really flowing and you can’t decide on just one good guy or bad, then with this and every challenge, each LUGNut is encouraged to “go nuts” and build lots of MOCs! Also, while Marvel and DC offers a vast array of material to work with, you can build for your fave hero or villain outside of the comic book world as well.

Read all about the this challenge in Lino’s official announcement.

Finally, I can’t help sharing a bit of inspiration from one of my favorite builders, MisterZumbi:

Wicked. Okay people, get building! Zoom zoom!