Dome of the Rock

Arthur Gugick is a master of recreating famous landmarks in LEGO. Check out his latest colorful work, the Dome of the Rock. Be sure to take a look at his gallery, how many places have you been? I counted eight.

12 comments on “Dome of the Rock

  1. mike yoder

    I love how faithful he is to the architectural details in these creations, but he isn’t afraid to take some licence with color! I’ve been to 6 of these, all US locations, unfortunately. Someday!

  2. Bruce N H

    Hmm, depends what you mean by “been to.” If you mean actually visited as a tourist, I get 12. If you can add in things I’ve driven past and looked up at, I can add another 4 or 5.

  3. Arthur Gugick

    First of all… thanks for posting my work. Its always an honor when someone else highlights your own models.

    I’ve been to 17 of the models I’ve built. (That includes the model of my home as well as 3 Cleveland landmarks)

    Again, thanks for the kind words

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