The quick scoop on Builders Lounge

I came on air today on LAML Radio to give a quick overview of the Builders Lounge group. I’m sure many have heard of the name while others have not. Perhaps you have seen some of the works by the members or seen the Lounge’s brickshelf gallery. In any case if you are wondering what this community is about, listen to this short podcast episode.

4 comments on “The quick scoop on Builders Lounge

  1. wusmand

    I am outradged at the non-accepting member phase, Nannan, can you please clear more of this up, This seems like an awsome site to become a part of, thanks!

  2. Nannan Post author

    Basically if we’ve observed you to be a good builder with friendly interaction in the community, we’ll sooner or later consider you for the invite. Be aware that we haven’t gotten to a lot of qualified builders out there.

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