Steam Naboo Fighter

Mark Stafford presents a steampunk version of the Star Wars Naboo Fighter. Look closely and you can spot many interesting details, like a horned helm on the tip of the ship. I particularly like the monkey replacement of R2-D2.

16 comments on “Steam Naboo Fighter

  1. VidGamer123

    “Bananas, that’s stabilizer’s broken loose again! See if you can’t lock it down!”

    “Oook ook!”

  2. chayo

    AND WE HAVE A WINNER! Truley the best I have seen so far, the only thing I don’t like is the bionicle on the front. But who cares, its up to the judges’.

    (hopefully Simon Cowell won’t be one of them)

  3. Dunechaser

    Actually, I think the Bionicle on the front gives the fighter a beautiful Art Deco feel that differentiates this from so many other steampunk creations. As always, Mark uses ice cream in a hilariously awesome way (well, it’s funny when you know what the piece actually is), but my favorite detail is the monkey astromech.

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  5. Ty

    A good thing monkeys can grab with their feet! I don’t think he’d want to let go of his handlebars…
    Great MOC!

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