LEGO appoints Tormod Askildsen head of community development [News]

News from Billund:

The LEGO Group is boosting its support of the LEGO Community by appointing Tormod Askildsen as the new dedicated Head of LEGO Community Development. Tormod takes over from Richard Stollery who will now focus on the LEGO Club and other consumer loyalty programs. Richard says ”I’ve only been the Head for one year and I hope I’ve kept the seat warm for Tormod who is the greatest ambassador for the Community. It’s good news that we are identifying more dedicated resources to developing the Community. It’s been a privilege to attend, meet and speak with members of the Community across Europe and the United States at a variety of events in 2007 and I would like to thank organizers and attendees alike for being so welcoming. I will continue to attend Community events and support Tormod in developing the Community as part of the CED (Community, Education and Direct) Division within the LEGO Group.

Tormod, who has been heading up the LEGO Factory project for the past year, has previously been responsible for interaction with the many LEGO Community groups as well as the LEGO Club and programs like the FIRST LEGO League. Going forward his focus will be fully dedicated to stimulating the growth and exposure of the LEGO Community. Tormod says: “The LEGO Community is quite unique – it consist of people of all ages from all over the world who have one thing in common; they like LEGO for what LEGO is”, – and continues “the community of Adult LEGO Hobbyists has a special status with the LEGO Group as a source for creative inspiration among LEGO employees as well as among LEGO loving kids and families who are exposed to their events and innovative LEGO creations”. Together with Tormod, Jan Beyer and Steve Witt makes up the LEGO Community team. Jan and Tormod are based in Billund, Denmark and Steve is based in Enfield, CT, USA.

Tormod Askildsen and Richard Stollery

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