BrickArms scalpel and syringe prototypes [News]

BrickArms creator Will Chapman has been hard at work developing designs for his mystical “third mold.”

We’ve already seen prototype weapons, but the latest designs include a scalpel and syringe. Click the picture and check them out in a couple new vignettes by corran101:

8 comments on “BrickArms scalpel and syringe prototypes [News]

  1. jedimasterwagner

    looks like something that could complement the doctor minifig nicely (or perhaps a M*A*S*H moc suggested by the picture). now all we need is some blue scrubs torsos, surgical mask faces, and hairnet caps.

  2. Rocko

    I think if you’re going to spend a lot of money on the ABS molding for custom accessories, these items are a lame choice. I could think of 20 things off the top of my head that would kick the crap out of a scalpel. The syringe is almost interesting but still, there’s better things that could be made.

  3. VidGamer123


    Really? I think these are a fantastic idea. Augmenting the Hospital theme is quite interesting.

  4. David

    I think it is a great idea, but also agree that these don’t seem like they will sell as fast as weapons.

  5. Corran101

    These are actually made on a machine that Will has in his home. These were a choise because he does weapon realated products, and he was expirimenting with accessories for a medic figure.

  6. Ty

    Yeah, I kinda agree with Rocko… Their great for a medic but I bet they wouldn’t sell near as well as some other things he could make.

  7. BrickArms

    The syringe and scalpel were produced at home with my CNC machine, aluminum prototype molds, and ABS injection molder. It is too late to add these to Mold #3, and I have not yet decided whether I will add them to the next mold (Mold #4).

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