Microscale links for September 16, 2007

Yup, we’re mostly doing roundup posts today. :-)

Tim “Spook” Zarki gets this massive microscale post going with his “Pirate Light Carrier”:

Aaron “DARKspawn” Andrews reminds us that microscale isn’t all about Teh Space, with “Micro Flying Citadel” (via MicroBricks, where you can read about the latest microscale contest on Classic-Castle.com):

Adrian Florea recreates a Hammerhead capital ship from Star Wars (an entry for a micro contest</> on FBTB):

Speaking of yet another contest, the monthly Icon Contest for Microspacetopia on Flickr is also yielding some great probes. A small selection:

What microscale post would be complete without a couple contributions from nnenn?

Finally, a mini version of 7692 MX-71 Dropship by Mike (via a tip from mastergongfu:

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