ApocaLEGO links for September 16, 2007

I’ve been busy building my own ApocaLEGO minifigs (to be followed at some point by vehicles and/or dioramas), so I’m rather behind on cool new ApocaLEGO that needs to be blogged.

In reverse chronological order (I think), Mark Stafford gets things going with “Oakwood Avenue: After the Zombie Apocalypse”:

Here’s “Post-apoc road battle” by Shadow Viking:

Alex Eylar combines steampunk and ApocaLEGO for his diorama, “Jekyll vs Hyde” (don’t miss his older Zombie Apocalypse):

Finally (and very belatedly), Bronson‘s excellent “Hellbringer”:

9 comments on “ApocaLEGO links for September 16, 2007

  1. Kawabonga

    great use of plant life. I think future projections of the world will have more biology and plant life, like the movie Aeon Flux , and less cold, gray , dull stuff for every strucutre and environment. Well I hope so….

  2. Fred

    Anyone know what Mark is using for the ‘smoke’ on the missile? I see the detail pic but I still can’t place the part.

  3. smcginnis

    I love the less steampunk-y feel in Mark’s. The others are all nice, but that’s the best (then again, it is Mark Stafford’s, so it has to be awesome).


  4. Jordan Sanders

    That hellbringer is insane. I love the flamethrower on top. I also like the fender…..nice work Bronson.


    looks good for a 10 year old but im <age removed by administrator> so still n eeds work you shouid look at my creation

    Don’t share your age online. -AB

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