Brickfilming on national TV

True to word, ABC’s series I-CAUGHT aired a four-minute segment featuring brickfilms on the 11th, and within hours several copies were available on the Internet. Included were interviews with Brian Gribbon, Joshua Leasure and David Pagano, and clips from a dozen brickfilms, including my own Infinity Squared.  There is also an accompanying online article.

Another YouTube clip



5 comments on “Brickfilming on national TV

  1. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    Hey! Congratulations, Nathan!! Clips on National TV (with others) – I am very impressed!! :)

  2. Lego Shark

    Incredible. awesome, guys! Hey i saw this guy Blunty3000 on Youtube and he’s got some cool stuff; it even got on australian TV. I think it’s cald bluntmation that he does. not as awesome as some of the stuff like the star wars thing, but funny. :) great job, everyone!

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