Apocalypse, now?

Tyler C – or Legohaulic, as he is more commonly known in these circles – have created this fantastic post-apocalyptic diorama:


From the broken statue, to the bullet holes near the dead body, all the way to the mech, the feel is just great. It takes a long time to take it all in. Go put on a pot of tea and take a few deep breaths, then check out Tyler’s flickr or brickshelf.

Done with that? Great. Then you can move straight on to Spook’s post apocalyptic Crab Tank for another mind-blower:

These both look cobbled together with whatever their inventors had lying around. I love the genre already.

7 comments on “Apocalypse, now?

  1. ry

    I’d like to think it’s more like “what the survivors had lying around.” Such a great dio, and the big bang to a new theme for sure.

  2. Ty

    What’s this?! Another Steampunk spinoff? First, Victorian then, WWII style. Now: FUTURE! I aught to try out the genre…

  3. Ty

    Woah! I just noticed the builder and I share the same name! This isn’t the same Ty… Just so ya know…

  4. Ty

    Sorry, I’m posting to much, but does anyone know what the green stuff in the ground is in the diorama? Uranium, nucular war residue, or discolored lava?

  5. Legohaulic

    The green stuff is suppose to be something like nuclear radiation or something dangerous like that!

  6. Craig

    The top one with the giant Mech is based off an image from the Classic Space Art. Look at the side view of it. You’ll recognize the image if you browse CS art every once in a while. They are both amazing. I love the wreckage in the first one.

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