News: Indiana Jones LEGO Confirmed

Nope, not a rumor after all. Here’s the press release:

LEGO Group Secures Exclusive Construction Category Rights to Indiana Jones(TM) Property
NEW YORK, June 18 /PRNewswire/ — LEGO Group, the world’s leading construction toy manufacturer, today announces a partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd. to produce building sets based on the Indiana Jones franchise — one of the most globally successful movie series ever made.

Three worldwide blockbuster films, and the highly anticipated May 2008 premiere of the new Indiana Jones movie, will provide inspiration for a series of highly iconic and action-packed build-and-play adventures of the rogue archaeologist and hero.

“There is such a natural synergy between Lucasfilm and LEGO enthusiasts of all ages that makes combining our stories with the LEGO play pattern an easy decision,” said Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing. “We are thrilled to have a chance to share the history and success of LEGO Star Wars with another Lucas franchise.”

Four playsets based on the classic trilogy are slated to launch in January 2008. Three sets based on iconic scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark include: Temple Escape ($49.99 USD) which brings the legendary rolling boulder scene to life in LEGO form as Indy faces spiders and poisoned darts in his search for the Golden Idol of Fertility. With Race for the Stolen Treasure ($29.99 USD), kids build two desert vehicles and recreate Indy’s truck-hopping fight to save the treasure. Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb ($19.99 USD) recreates the eye-popping suspense of Indy rescuing Marion from slithering snakes in an Egyptian tomb. And based on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade action, Motorcycle Chase ($9.99 USD) depicts the scene where Indy and his father escape with the map to the hidden temple.

Four more constructible playsets based on the fourth movie will launch in May 2008, with suggested retail prices ranging from $9.99 to $79.99 USD.

“We are thrilled to be bringing yet another blockbuster Lucasfilm property to life for LEGO kids and adult enthusiasts,” said Jill Wilfert, vice president, partnership and alliance management for the LEGO Group. “The marriage of strong story, well-known characters, dynamic vehicles and action-oriented movie scenes with the classic LEGO play pattern is a proven winner, and Indiana Jones lends itself perfectly to the build-and-play world of LEGO building.”

For more than 25 years, audiences have been enraptured by the exploits of Indiana Jones. The film trilogy — Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade — garnered 14 Academy Award nominations, won 7 Oscars, and grossed over $1,182,000,000 at the box office. The films are among the most popular movies ever made and have become a legendary part of film history.

8 comments on “News: Indiana Jones LEGO Confirmed

  1. David

    Let me be the first to say…


    Honestly things like this piss me off. Why does Lego need to do this? They had the great adventure line and the desert ones sold very well, why not just bring them back next year.

    The same goes with Pirates, Lego could have brought them back and cashed in on the PotC movies without actually buying the rights.

  2. John

    I won’t agree or disagree with David except in that this excites me for one primary reason:

    Lego Indiana Jones Trilogy for the XBOX 360

    Please. Please please please.


  3. John

    “the sensitive issue of LEGO Nazis”

    You mean the folks who won’t even glance at a Mega-Bloks set?

    (sorry, I really could not resist)

  4. Robert Gurskey

    Of course there will be fleshie heads. If it is based on a movie, TLG now uses fleshies.

    I was hoping for the German flying wing from the first motion picture.

  5. Sibley

    Odd that there’s no Temple of Doom sets.

    I am also wondering how they’re going to handle the Nazis.

    Getting excited both about the Indiana Jones Lego and the new Indiana Jones film :)

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