Step aside Johnny?

This could all just be hearsay, but a short article on claims LEGO will be producing sets based upon the upcoming Indiana Jones IV film.  Does this mean Johnny Thunder’s adventures are over?

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  1. Mike

    “Producing toys for the film” might just mean that they’re planning an Adventurers line to capitalize on the popularity of the movie. It’s hard to guess, without an exact quotation of what the guy said.

    Even though they’ve already got Adventurers in place, Indiana Jones doesn’t seem like a great license property for Lego – normally they go for franchises with a couple years’ worth of movies on the horizon. Harrison Ford’s getting pretty decrepit, how many more Indiana Joneses can there be after this one?

  2. Sibley

    There’s going to be a new Indiana Jones film? I am behind the times!

    And now I’m excited!

  3. David

    There has been going to be a new Indy film for about 15 years now.

    And what is Lego thinking? This rumour has been around awhile and I hope it’s false, be a complete waste of money. Indiana Jones did well in the desert, but not elsewhere. Supposedly the Asian theme they did last failed, I loved the sets. That’s why last year Dino 2010 or Dino Attack theme was made from a ditched plan to bring Honny boy back to the Dinosaur island.

    But why waste the money? They should go back and redo the theme combining several of the Adventure ones together. No need for IJ4. Lego is not that bright through. The last two years there were Pirate movies but no Legos? They could have easily brought back classic pirates and used the mermaids and sharks they already had to tie into the Pirate movies without paying them money. They lost out on that.

  4. Inside Scooper

    Multiple reliable sources indicate this rumor is quite true. You heard it here first.

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