News: 10190 Market Street now available from the LEGO Store online

The “Cafe Corner neighbor” that’s been generating quite a bit of excitement lately is now available (without any notable fanfare and without a pre-order period) on LEGO Shop@Home:

Prices seem to vary by region: In Europe, it’s €89.99 (UK: £59.99); in the United States, it’s $89.99; and in Canada, it’s $130.

7 comments on “News: 10190 Market Street now available from the LEGO Store online

  1. Dave De Gobbi

    that crazy , shop at home pricing . the canadian dollar is .94 something to the american dollar . Why on earth is there a 40 dollar difference >?!?!

  2. RichardAM

    Dave, don’t take it personally, when it comes to pricing Europe usually gets shafted as well.

    I still need Cafe Corner though! : /

  3. Shortbusboy

    So being a bit miffed about the price difference with the lovely new set I emailed lego and logged a complaint. And I actually got a response, written by a person, and a day after I emailed. Now I still may not agree with their position but it is good customer service. Oh and the email i got:

    “Dear Mr Rayson

    Thank you for your email regarding the prices of LEGO® products. Due to differences in economics around the world, product prices are established globally for each specific country or market area. There may be many variables including taxes, exchange rates and country laws which can affect the market value. Suggested retail prices for our product assortment are determined well in advance. We rely on professional studies of the dollar fluctuations over a multi year horizon to determine the suggested retail price which will not change during the product assortment year. The suggested retail price of our products has historically not fluctuated every time the value of the dollar rises or falls to maintain an annual harmonized price. Our website and our catalogue reflect the set suggested retail prices. However, comments from our consumers are extremely important to us and please be assured that I have forwarded your remarks to Management. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if we can be of further assistance. We wish you many more happy hours of creative building with LEGO brand toys in the years to come.

    JoAnnLEGO Direct Consumer Services”

  4. Benjamin

    Hi, I received the exact same reply from Lego when I wrote them about the $50 price difference for set 10187. ($119USD vs $169CAD).

    It’s a horrible excuse. For this pricing to be fair the dollar would have to be trading at 70 cents.

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