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LEGO Vegeta; all the snark and aggression, but with more plastic

With fellow animated show Adventure Time becoming a retail set soon, it seems a shame that the famous Dragon Ball series will probably never see an official set (perhaps thanks to a few scenes involving a blue-haired character and her underwear).

Regardless, the beauty of being a LEGO fan is being able to make what the company won’t, and today Logey Bear did that with the Saiyan prince Vegeta.


While this is a remix of the builder’s previous model, the addition of the warm gold armour pieces to make up the well-known Saiyan armour, as well as a brick-built head (distinct “M” pattern hairline included) and there’s no mistaking who this is.

Dragon Ball Z Kame House and minifigs

Before you look at the pretty picture:
Q: Is this set for sale?
A: This is not an official set from LEGO, and no, it’s not for sale.

Minific customization master Nick (NickGreat) recently built the Kame House from Dragonball Z in a pseudo LEGO set style. Unfortunately this is the only picture I can find:

But meanwhile, check out Nick’s selection of the highest quality custom Dragonball Z character minifigs: