About Nannan

Nannan became involved with the online LEGO community in late 2004. He has been a builder for as long as he can remember. Nannan builds in a variety of themes that often overlap with the science fiction universe; other times they are purely made up ones. You can see his creations on Flickr, MOCpages, and Brickshelf. In real life, Nannan is a medical student at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Posts by Nannan

Tomahawk light destroyer

Alexander (Malydilnar) crafted this incredible 140-studs-long ship in just 2 months. I’m very impressed by all the angles, color blocking, and distinct-looking components that all come together in a model that looks no different than a top-notch spaceship concept art. The ship is, in fact, based off a drawing on deviantART.


Lego fan plans to create a 13-foot Super Star Destroyer in Lego

Thomas Benedikt, who built the massive Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, spent years designing a massive 13-foot Lego Super Star Destroyer. Now he wants to build it in real bricks, but he needs your support to make it happen. Check out the Kickstarter project to see how you can contribute to this epic project and get rewards. Visit MOCpages for more photo renders of the model.