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Nannan became involved with the online LEGO community in late 2004. He has been a builder for as long as he can remember. Nannan builds in a variety of themes that often overlap with the science fiction universe; other times they are purely made up ones. You can see his creations on Flickr, MOCpages, and Brickshelf. In real life, Nannan is a medical student at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

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Lego Hobbit The Lonely Mountain 79018 [Review]

The Lonely Mountain is currently the largest set in the Lego Hobbit line. This set was released this fall and retails for $129.99 on Amazon. Below is a brief video review and my remarks regarding the set.


  • All 5 minifigs are unique to the set
  • Smaug is a well-designed dragon with Lego’s first collapsible wings
  • Good source of sand green bricks


  • Very high price tag

Overall this is a great set for parts, minifigs, and Smaug is an attractive beast to most fans. A decent number of play features mark this as a good playset, and the sand green bricks make it stand out among other less brightly colored sets from the same line. My only complaint is the huge price tag, which is largely a result of including Smaug, whose new parts drive up the production cost. Ultimately I’d like to see this set discounted to $80-$100, which would be a reasonable purchase. I recommend holding off on buying the set unless you absolutely love the new Smaug.

Creations for Charity live stream and final sale

The 2014 Creations for Charity fundraiser is ending on November 30th, and now prices are at their absolute lowest. This is a great time to get a custom creation donated by Lego fans with all proceeds going to buying Lego sets for underprivileged children. Check out what’s for sale before it’s over.

There is also a 24-hour live stream taking place on 5pm EST on November 28th. It is open to the public and hosted by Beyond the Brick. For each man-hour spent on air by any participant, LEGO will donate a set to Creations for Charity. You can learn more and sign up to participate or pledge a donation on creationsforcharity.org.

Join the Creations for Charity 2014 Live Stream!

10 days left in Creations for Charity 2014

The 6th annual Creations for Charity fundraiser is almost over, and your help is needed to purchase the creations that Lego fans from across the world have donated to sell and raise money for the kids. There are many great items still for sale as you can see below. Visit the store to see more.

As always, 100% of the net income will be spent on Lego that will be donated to underprivileged children in multiple parts of the world. Please support the builders who have donated creations to the cause.

10 days left in Creations for Charity!