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My Prison Wagon for the CCCIV

A typical barbarian prisoner wagon returns from battle. Festooned with remnants of previous residents, the wagon rumbles its way back to the barbarian encampment. What hideous fate awaits the unfortunate survivors? I hope to never find out.

Check out the gallery here!

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BitFlick Mania!

Have you picked up your 2007 mosaic sets yet (6162 and 6163)? The dragon is awesome. My new mosaic (clear base plates!!!), plus an e-mail from RichardAM, reminded me that I failed to blog BitFlicks. Here’s their first — and still my favorite — LEGO+CGI animation:

Via Destructoid.

(And let’s try post labels. We’ll see if we prefer them to Technorati tags…)

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The Castle Traveling by Kotaro Ono

From Kotaro Ono’s How Many Studs to Legoland?:

There once was an ancient, ancient, oh so ancient dragon. When the dragon awoke from his slumber, the world around him had completely changed.

The dragon asked the king, “O King, why has the land become stained red, red the color of blood?” The king replied to the dragon, “O Dragon, time has passed, and the world has changed.”

The dragon again asked the king, “O King, why have the stones lost their warmth, and why has steel lost its sheen?” The king again replied, “O Dragon, no one knows. The world has changed.”

The dragon again asked the king, “O King, what of the suffering on the faces of the people? Why are the people’s faces so ugly?” The king again replied, “O Dragon, that is the normal face for people. The world has changed.”

The dragon closed its eyes, opened them, and asked its final question. “O King, must children live in a world like this? Must they live in this world that has changed so completely?” The king gave his final reply. “O Dragon, the children, the children — The world, the world –” But the king could not answer the dragon’s final question.

The dragon opened its eyes, stood, and said to the king, “O King, build ye a castle upon my back. Now is the time that I will fulfill my ancient promise. The time has come for you to ride upon my back, seeking the real world, a world that does not change, a world for the children.”

And so, the king built a castle on the dragon’s back. The long, long, oh so long journey of the king and the dragon began.

Afterward, there never was a person who heard from the dragon and the king again.

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I’ve featured chocobos based on Kevin Heckel’s design several times (post 1, post 2) here on TBB. But I also really like m20xr’s new design for a baby chocobo:

(Oh, and if you’ve been wondering why posts from me have been so few and far between lately, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XII — 90 hours in now — and my hard drive crashed recently. The hard drive’s back, but I’m only about halfway through the game, based on the completion level in the monster and hunts list. I thought FFX and FFX-2 truly sucked, but FFXII may be the best FF game I’ve played since FFVII or FFIX. Who gives a flying rodent’s hindquarters about PS3 when the best PS2 game in years is available?!)

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Classic Castle Chess Set by astronut1

In June of 2005, held a contest to create castle-themed chess pieces and chess sets. It looks like Flickr user astronut1 took his pictures a few months later (and just posted them on Flickr), but these would have been great entries:

The pawns are classic Crusaders and Black Falcons minifigs, but astronut1 created unique pieces for the rest. I especially like the kings and queens:

The rooks and bishops are also great:

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