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The People Have Spoken

With the addition of Josh to the team, we’re considering a name change, as noted in this post a week ago. I asked all of you out there to submit ideas for a different name, and the response has been fantastic: We have over 100 name ideas from 14 of our readers.

The name ideas have been tabulated, so now Josh and I will review them to pick a new name. There were some great ideas, so this is going to be tough!

Oh, and as to prizes, we’re thinking an original minifig from each of us. (Perhaps I could’ve announced prizes while the contest was going on, but this has been evolving as it happens.)

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled LEGO creations! Look for a new name some time very soon.

Malle Hawking Completes U.S.S. Harry S. Truman

Just in time for Memorial Day here in the United States, Malle Hawking has completed his LEGO version of CVN-75, U.S.S. Harry S. Truman.

For more details, see Malle Hawking’s LEGO aircraft carrier here on The Brothers Brick.

Congratulations to Malle on the completion of this amazing ship. As Spacers say, this is quite a S.H.I.P. (Seriously Huge Investment in Parts)!

Invasion of the yellow bots!

Legoloverman has built some sweet little yellow Bots:

Aside from being awesomely yellow, these bots show off some really cool building techniques. While making these bots extremely posable, the builder avoided using virtually any hinge type pieces! There is also a plethora of unusual pieces used as hands, guns, tools, etc. Look closely at some of the techniques used on these lovely little things and you will be amazed!

Take a look-see at the Yellow Bots in all their glory

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Tac’s Unit Level 032

Tac has posted an unusual Mech on Brickshelf:

Other than being a really awesome looking Mech, the thing that grabbed my attention is that you can actually put a figure inside! While the idea is not new, this is the best execution of the idea I have seen yet. Also the “posability” of the Mech is really good and you have to love those hands!

Take a peek at Unit Level 032’s gallery

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Ken Takeuchi’s LEGO Works

I’ve been subscribed to Japanese builder Ken Takeuchi’s blog for some time. (Ken goes by “Ken-Tucky” online.) However, it wasn’t until Soren Roberts mentioned Ken’s creations as a source of inspiration for his recent “Heavy Missile Cruiser” (Blocklog post) that I took the time to explore Ken’s Web site, LEGO Works.

Since 1998, Ken has been posting fantastic LEGO creations. (And it’s interesting to see his building style evolve over the last eight years — integrating newly available parts and new building techniques.) With an English version of his LEGO pages, exploring his site is well worth your time. To whet your appetite, I’d like to introduce a few of my personal favorites.

One of dozens of micro-scale vehicles in his “L.E.G.O Force,” here’s an awesome “Armed Starfighter Carrier”:

Demonstrating that Ken’s not just a Spacer, here’s the bathouse building from Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away:

A whole fleet of micro-scale World War II planes:

A camel Ken built while participating in the LEGO King Championship TV show:

Soren’s Heavy Missile Cruiser

Never one to let the likes of Mike Yoder or Mark Stafford have all the fun, Soren Roberts has posted an awesome micro-scale “Heavy Missile Cruiser”:

Just like Jerac’s medical frigate (previous post), Soren’s cruiser illustrates one of the traits that a lot of great Space creations have: A multi-layered look in which a clean, smooth shell encases highly detailed inner workings (“greeblies” in Spacer lingo) that poke through.

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Japanese Brickshelfer s-3 has posted a uniqely blocky mecha tank:

The cannon elevates, and here’s how the crewman gets inside:

(For those who noticed s-3’s folder name or description, sensya or sensha — just different ways of writing the same word in Roman characters — means “tank” in Japanese.)

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Daihatsu Three-Wheeler by Hitahita-05

hitahita-05 has built a sweet little Daihatsu Midget:

The use of the motorcycle as a front wheel really grabbed my attention. Who would have thought that new piece would work so well? This little creation is full of excellent building techniques and looks really good too! Overall, a very elegant creation.

Take a gander at the Midget gallery