Ken Takeuchi’s LEGO Works

I’ve been subscribed to Japanese builder Ken Takeuchi’s blog for some time. (Ken goes by “Ken-Tucky” online.) However, it wasn’t until Soren Roberts mentioned Ken’s creations as a source of inspiration for his recent “Heavy Missile Cruiser” (Blocklog post) that I took the time to explore Ken’s Web site, LEGO Works.

Since 1998, Ken has been posting fantastic LEGO creations. (And it’s interesting to see his building style evolve over the last eight years — integrating newly available parts and new building techniques.) With an English version of his LEGO pages, exploring his site is well worth your time. To whet your appetite, I’d like to introduce a few of my personal favorites.

One of dozens of micro-scale vehicles in his “L.E.G.O Force,” here’s an awesome “Armed Starfighter Carrier”:

Demonstrating that Ken’s not just a Spacer, here’s the bathouse building from Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away:

A whole fleet of micro-scale World War II planes:

A camel Ken built while participating in the LEGO King Championship TV show:

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  1. Kelly

    Hey, Ken doesn’t seem to be active anymore.. atleast on his ‘lego works’ website. Do you know what’s up, or if he plans to update it sometime? I’m a great fan of his Starforce collection! :D

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