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Whirly purple spiky bikey

LEGO builder Yannick summed up his process for creating this amazing ATV as “I started with the giant purple wheels” and “then covered it in spikes.” Spikes are like lime juice and Yakety Sax – everything you add them to turns out better. Let’s count all the spikes shall we? You have a pair of rad Purple teeth on the amazing brick-built helmet, CLAW 1X4X1 on the back of the ATV, a devilishly clever use of Bionicle 1 x 3 Tooth on the hood and headlights, some dorsal fins that make excellent wheel spikes, and finally a couple of conical horns to really cause some tire damage. Despite everything in this build saying “back off,” I just can’t look away.

Spiky 3

Just trying to get a head

Some LEGO elements are easy to upsize, and some are a nightmare of odd angles and complex shapes that defy common techniques. This was a challenge ToM Dracone (@yannickbuildsthings) was up for, though, as this super-sized Bionicle Toa head is a spot-on likeness. I’m particularly fond of the eye ridge/side of the head angling. This statue also has a great base, with sandy colors and greenery that harken back to the Island of Mata Nui. The gold Hau mask helps provide a sense of scale, making this head feel like a massive totem on the shoreline.

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