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Let’s hope it’s a gusty day for this windmill

LEGO Builder Mathijs Dubbeldam has constructed this fantastic-looking windmill stationed out on the open sea. Kelp and seaweed cling to the lower part of the structure with a drone hovering nearby, overlooking the ocean. The small platform features a crane with what appears to be an underwater detection device hanging from its hook. In the habitable part of the windmill, a conical glass roof is represented by a windscreen piece from Lando’s Millennium Falcon set. The hints of dark blue against the plain white of the windmill are also a nice touch, and it’s the little details across the model that add a lot of character to the whole build.

Wind farm maintenance & research station

LEGO Creator Vestas Wind Turbine now available for Black Friday [News]

The LEGO Vault has opened and the previously exclusive 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine is now on sale for Black Friday and beyond. You can read our in depth review of the Wind Turbine set here. The set includes 826 pieces, 3 minifigs, and a dog. The set is on sale from the LEGO Shop for $199.99 USD$249.99 CAN, and £159.99 UK).

The LEGO Shop’s Black Friday sales and deals are also starting right now (UK sales are already underway) along with the seasonal exclusive 40292 Christmas Gift Box with orders more than $99 USD.

LEGO 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine is back as the newest Creator Expert set [Review]

Since its inception, the LEGO Creator Expert line has come to be recognized by its advanced building techniques and great value. However, as statistics teaches us, in every group there are bound to be outliers. Enter 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine, a set that sticks out from the crowd in every sense. A re-rerelease of set 4999 from 2008, which only saw limited release to Danish energy company Vestas’ employees, the new set has 826 pieces and is priced at $199.99. It will be available beginning on Black Friday (Nov. 23).

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