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Death moves on many legs

Of all the ways Death can arrive, and some of them admittedly icky, this version, built by LEGO Bionicle builder Will Hafner, moves on many legs. This…inhuman centipede…is a thing that fuels nightmares. The trans-light blue and gold color scheme is rather neat though. It was created for Bio-Cup which is currently heating up like Georgia asphalt in July. Since it presently is July my hokey colloquialism finally makes sense. Here’s to small miracles! Now if you wish to avoid an icky demise from this creepy crawler I recommend you put an egg in your shoe and beat it.

Death Moves On Many Legs

Bloomin’ Kraata

Ahh, Kraata. The 2003 attempt by LEGO to match the catch-em-all collectability of Pokémon with slug-like Bionicle creatures. If you look closely at these exotic plants from Will Hafner, you can see the subtle variations that distinguish the different stages of their life cycle. Will has even created a flower with just the rare seventh-stage Shadow Kraata (those are the violet ones). I also like the vase, which looks like it began life as a Bionicle canister lid. There’s no doubt these are some cool-looking blooms, but I think if I saw them in my garden I’d be a bit concerned about invasive species.

Potted Plant

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