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All conditions teal on this Star Wars ZH-40 Tribune-class light freighter

In a LEGO Star Wars world of Millennium Falcons and X-Wing Fighters, it’s always nice when someone shows some love for the lesser-known starships. While the ZH-40 Tribune-class light freighter is a real thing in Star Wars canon, The Cobalt Thorn is, as far as I can tell, a product of Wami Delthorn’s imagination. It is the first of his Teal Squadron, implying there might be more teal-goodness coming at some point. With the cleverly built cockpit window, subtle asymmetry, cool greebling, and color scheme I, for one, look forward to what else the teal Squadron might have in store.

The Cobalt Thorn

Wami doesn’t provide their names but we have a smattering of humans, a Mon Calamari, an Ugnaught, and a gonk and protocol droid; all in blue uniforms, except for the droids who go naked but that would be weird otherwise. I can just imagine the hijinks a crew like that may have in deep space. Click our archives to see what other space hijinks Wami Delthorn might get himself into and, while you’re at it clickity-click on the blue Star Wars link for a deep dive into a galaxy far, far away.

The Cobalt Thorn

The planet Duplovia processes water so you don’t have to

What’s happening on the planet Duplovia? According to Wami Delthorn they process water there. It’s fun to just (ahem) soak in all the details. It has enough Classic Space LEGO goodness and playability to quench the thirst of any diehard fan. I’m particularly loving the communications tower, spaceship landing pad and the space train that traverses the entire build. The LED lights are also a neat touch. With all this expensive and important science-y space stuff I hope they utilize this water processing plant for something useful, intelligent and practical; like fueling the galaxy’s largest and most epic Slip ‘N Slide!

Planet Duplovia Water Processing Facility

Who needs a sleek starship when you have an enormous engine?

Everyone builds at their own pace. Some builders crank out builds every day, others will go months or sometimes years between creations – which, to be clear, is completely fine! In the case of Drew Hamilton (Wami Delthorn), it’s been over a year since he last posted one of his spectacular spaceship designs. It’s been worth the wait though, as he has reinvented one of his older Classic Space designs into this LL-528 Rapier MkII. It has all the hallmarks of what is now known as Neo Classic Space: clean lines of blue and light grey, with plenty of texturing and the signature black-and-yellow bumblebee stripes.

LL-528 Rapier (MkII)

The design itself is very cool. With starships, it’s often tempting to make them sleek, speedy-looking machines. And with a name like Rapier, you’d be forgiven for thinking this would look the same. But I love how bulky it is! The rear of the vessel is dominated by that great hulking thruster, which blends nicely into the stubby wings thanks to some neat use of angles. It’s all broken up with subtle asymmetric panel detailing to give it quite a realistic feel.

LL-528 Rapier (MkII)

The only thing I would question is the choice of co-pilot. Surely a control panel full of flashing lights is a poor mix with a space-going cat…