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Dead men don’t sweat

Okay, I have to admit, I am nog a big connoisseur when it comes to LEGO big figures, technique, Bionicle and Galidor. But I do know an amazing creation using parts from those themes when I see one. This creation by Nikita Nikolsky features a lot of weird and interesting parts. I am just about sure there is even DUPLO hidden in the design of the treasure chest.

Dead men don't sweat

There is a lot to love about these figures. For one the expression on their faces. For two undead characters they appear to be very much alive and kicking. The attention to detail, when you look at the belt buckle or the gold embellishment on the shoes. And last but not least, the exaggeration when it comes to the size of the lock on the chest, but also the use of a plunger for a peg leg. Nikita also has been experimenting with the distance between the two characters and their scales. One is actually built on a smaller scale than the other.