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The cold relentless circling of the intestate earth

A man built a thing. He had a name, in those long-before times when salmon ran in the streams like silver clouds in the moonlight and people went about their business in great cities gleaming with glass as yet unmelted by fires from the sky. His name was Patrick B. The thing he built was built from bricks and told a story. A story about a man and his child a boy. That story was first told by a man named Cormac McCarthy in a book called The Road. A book is a thing made of trees but you cant eat it like you can bark and leaves and the little stems that try to push their way toward the darkened sky at the end of the months of snow. This thing this story these bricks by the man Patrick show the man and the boy as they walk long miles along long roads to the sea. It is a thing to behold. A thing you cant look away from.

The Road

Two from Yatkuu

When we last caught up with Belgian builder Gregory Coquelz (Yatkuu), Brother Chris was delivering the bad news that Gregory’s brilliant Shaun of the Dead Cuusoo project would not see production despite it’s overwhelming popularity. If you missed the posting the first time around it is definitely worth the read for a look at a the Cuusoo process. In the meantime, Mr. Coquelz has been busy building a great many things, including the “iPod Nano 3rd Gen.” you see here in a variety colors to suit your individual lifestyle.


I have to admit that aside from the Winchester, I wasn’t all that familiar with Gregory’s work so I took a stroll through his back catalog and found this gem from 2011, based on the 2009 film The Road. The minifigs are spot-on and so is the grocery cart.


Gregory also has a model of the giant mechanical lemon the band U2 used on it’s 1997 PopMart Tour, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.