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Just another day in the galaxy far, far away

For all its laser battles and space wizards, sometimes it’s nice to step back into civilian life in the Star Wars galaxy. Stuart N has crafted this rather charming slice of life, with a lady running errands in her airspeeder. That building adds a whole lot to the scene, as does the floor – the detailing is interesting without being overwhelming. The speeder is the real star of the show, though – it fits so well with the design language of Coruscant speeders from the prequels, for instance. It’s impressive how Stuart has absolutely nailed the Star Wars aesthetic with just a few LEGO Technic panels!

Star Wars Airspeeder

The Assault on Kobaria isn’t an assault on our senses.

In a LEGO Star Wars universe of Endor, Andor and lovable robots, Stuart N takes us off-off-off world to a lesser-known location with this diorama called The Assault on Kobaria. Kobaria, as we all know, is from that one…thing we really, really like. It features that one guy we love and the other guy, too. And let’s not overlook that one hover-tank-spaceship-y thingie that I’m definitely not drawing a blank on—so don’t get that idea in your heads! Kobaria is home to the Kobarian swamp dogs so that certainly clears everything up. OK, you got me. Look, maybe I’m not as well-versed in the Star Wars expanded universe as I can be but even Wookieepedia wasn’t much help here so you can’t blame a guy for trying. Still, I know a cool LEGO creation when I see one and this is pretty cool. So either show me up on your extensive knowledge of Kobaria in the comments or take a deep dive into our Star Wars archives, whichever floats your hovertank.

Assault on Kobaria