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Jumping puddles in Classic Space

Do they have puddles in space? I sure hope so, because that looks to be right where this little puddle jumper of a spaceship belongs. LEGO builder Inthert needed a tiny spacecraft to fill out a larger diorama by Simonmocs, and thus the Classic Space Cargo Jumper was born. What I love most about this vessel is that it eschews the typical spaceship design and goes for a split canopy with VTOL-like engines.

Classic Space Cargo Jumper

And of course, we have to see it in situ with Simonmocs gorgeous spaceport diorama, too, where you can see the little spaceship being serviced.

For a weary traveler, any port is a good port

Mos Eisley and Mos Espa may have the big name recognition in the Star Wars universe as the leaders of backwater ports, and recently Niima Outpost has been an up-and-comer. But there are myriad other tiny trading posts and starports throughout the universe, and LEGO builder Sam Malmberg takes us to one such unnamed frontier town with this dusty scene. The Imperials have a strong presence here, but there’s plenty of hustle and bustle with traders and merchants plying their wares.

Dusty Spaceport

Sam’s approach to the dry ground looks especially great, with scattered studs giving the impression of hard-packed but slightly disturbed dirt. The building facades around the back edges also give these scene a lot of depth, making it feel even larger than it is.