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Soak in some sunshine at this modern home

This three story LEGO home shows off a modern look and some solar panels in this build from Letranger Absurde. The walled estate sports a lovely tree amongst a garden, some of its leaves even offering shade to the pool. Greenery surrounds the house, showing a love of nature. There are a few balconies running up the side of the building, boasting some patio furniture and nice awnings with slates. The railing of the balconies offer some cool texturing in the form of those grey ingot pieces.

Modern House

Personally, I like the yellow framed windows with their panes alternating in size. Looking over the whole build, there are many interesting textures going on like the tower’s windows, the frames of the solar panels, and the yellow brick and white stone of the encompassing walls. This is one of those builds you just want to look over every detail.

Once charged, this solar-powered gentlelady can be a hellion on two feet!

LEGO Builder Andrew Evans has heated up something a little different for us to savor. She is Vaihdelia, the Solar-Powered Gentlelady and she’s adorned in what seems to be a corseted jacket made from solar panels. My artist’s sense of color is alight with Andrew’s use of black and gold. White makes an excellent tertiary color while just a few hints of orange, green and marigold really makes this figure pop. The sword guard is a carriage wheel and the piece is used again as part of her collar. The three-panel presentation illustrates how versatile this figure is. Her solar-powered parasol is comprised of parts from a Darth Vader buildable figure but can convert to a shield while in fight mode. I’m sure she’s a gentlelady for the most part but can be a hellion on two feet when she needs to be!

Vaihdelia: Solar-Powered Gentlelady