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The machines will rise and lead a revolution of dance

This LEGO robo-figure from builder Iggs has way more style than any machine revolutionary before them! Not all robots dream of overthrowing humanity through violence — sometimes they want to express themselves through dance. The robo-dancer here is preparing to kick things off with the Dance Dance Revolution at their local arcade. The dancer features some really nice color blocking, and I’m loving the bright colors and how they stand out against the black pieces. The limbs have lots of flow and unique shaping, giving the figure a sense of being highly flexible for some crazy dance moves. This is one of those figures where I just want to keep looking at it to discover all the cool parts hiding in plain sight.

The Dance Dance Revolution

Mech-a-lech-a-hi-do-ho there, neighborino!

I love mechs that combine sharp edges and organic curves. Vorpal, a creation from builder Iggsintegrates those two styles with…well….style. The dark blue armor plating extensively uses wedges and Bionicle elements to create an overlapping texture that reminds me of samurai armor.  The other prominent color is sliver – filled out with more Bionicle elements and a wealth of macaroni brick to create the curving tubing in the torso.  Add on a giant gun on one arm, and you’ve got a mech that’s ready to rock.


The Bionicle theme gave LEGO builders a great range of interesting parts to enhance almost any creation. Check out our Bionicle tag for more great examples!