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Ice Planet Skimmer Scout skis the slippery slopes

Decades ago Spyrius and Blacktron’s attempts to steal rocket technology from Ice Planet 2002 were thwarted by the combined efforts of the civilian crew and the Space Police. The scientists tunneled deeper into the caverns to continue their work in greater safety and isolation. Now the crew of Ice Planet 2022 is emerging from Krysto’s caves. The Skimmer Scout is first out of the base to begin recon work on the surface.

Ice Planet 2022 - Skimmer Scout

I built this model in December of 2020 and briefly teased it on social media. Fast forward a year and we’ve had a couple more good dumps of the frosty stuff providing for a better photo backdrop, and now that we’re in 2022 I couldn’t resist further embracing the twenty-year thematic time jump.

Come explore the evolution of this model design with me!