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The Star Wars Republic Attack Shuttle is on the way!

Minifigure-scale LEGO Star Wars builds are always few and far between. So when I saw builder Remco Rohaan’s Nu-class Republic Attack Shuttle, I almost fell out of my chair.

NU Republic Attack Shuttle MOC

This baby is fully loaded with the best of the 501st Legion. Utilizing a cargo box to drop clone troopers and their equipment straight onto the battlefield, the Nu-class shuttle is nearly as much of a Grand Army of the Republic staple as the LAAT/i gunship.

NU-class Attack Shuttle MOC (WIP)

The amount of detail is incredible when you consider the functionality of the build. The fact that the ramps lower and there’s internal lighting showcases the type of dedication we’ve come to expect from Remco. With 18 minifigures aboard, which is a feat of its own, this shuttle is ready for anything.

Imperial Nebulon cruiser is ready to take the fight to the Rebellion

The Nebulon B medical frigate was certainly one of the most unusually shaped ships in the rebel fleet, but the rebels weren’t the only group to fly this iconic vessel. The Empire had a model as well. In fact, the Nebulon B escort frigate, manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards was originally manufactured for the Empire. This LEGO model by Remco Rohaan measures almost 150 studs in length. If you look closely at the top of the ship, you’ll notice a docked Lambda-class shuttle.

Lego Star Wars Imperial Nebulon MOC

The model features some excellent lighting effects, particularly in the engines, to give the blue engine plumes the perfect glow.

Lego Star Wars Imperial Nebulon MOC