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Onosendai does Prometheus

In what is shaping up to be a meme (how many ways can the space ship Prometheus be expressed in LEGO) , Andrew Lee graces us with a really well done interpretation of the titular movie ship. Can’t wait to see who else takes on the challenge.

The USCSS Prometheus

Dregant’s USCSS Prometheus costs much less than a trillion dollars

It’s great to be corrected when the correction reveals that I’ve missed something awesome. I said in my last post about Si-MOCs’ microsocale Prometheus) that I hadn’t found another LEGO version of this great ship, but Niki Dregant has in fact built a much-larger version:

LEGO Prometheus

At this scale, a whole lot more detail is possible, including lots of mechanical detail on the engines. Like the micro version, Niki’s larger version can land on its rotating nacelles. Since this is still somewhere around mini/midi-scale, my challenge to build a full minifig-scale version still stands.

Thanks for the tip, Fredo!

Microscale Prometheus lands on tiny LV-223

USCSS Prometheus schematicI saw Ridley Scott’s Prometheus a couple weeks ago, and I’m still a bit ambivalent about it. I appreciate the cosmic scope that makes the Alien trilogy (yes, I said trilogy) seem decidedly minuscule, but it left me more frustrated than anything else. I don’t necessarily need all my questions answered by a movie, but I hate being jerked around.

Nevertheless, I fell in love with the ship herself the moment I saw USCSS Prometheus in the first trailer. With influences evident from Ron Cobb and Chris Foss, it harkens back to the great sci-fi ship designs of the 70’s and 80’s while taking us firmly into the future.

Catching up on LEGO, I’ve been surprised that nobody’s built a LEGO Prometheus yet, so I was pleased to find this great microscale version that Simon Liu (Si-MOCs) built and posted after he got back from BrickWorld:

Micro Prometheus - Landing on LV-223

Simon’s Prometheus is complete with rotating engines, and I like the LV-223 landscape in which he places the hovering ship.

Perhaps one of you out there is planning on building a minifig-scale Prometheus for BrickCon 2012. I’d definitely love to see that. Better get building!