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Moody musician turns up the bass

When I first saw this LEGO model of a musician with headphones by aido k, I laughed out loud. I thought it was so expressive, with his floppy hair, and sleepy eyes. And those headphones are so amazing. Then I found out it was a tribute to a Youtuber, and I loved it even more. Aside from the face, I think one of my favorite and easily missed details is the white stripes of his sweatshirt, along the shoulder and arms.

I only use BASSplates

LEGO block combat rock

Following hot on the heels of his LEGO build of The Specials, Red 2 has given us another musical classic: punk rock’s finest The Clash. He’s once again caught his subjects at the height of their powers, performing the superb “Rock the Casbah” from the Combat Rock album. Lifted straight from the video for the song, the band’s fatigues are perfectly captured in brick form, framed by the emblematic oil pump.

The Clash ' Rock the Casbah '   1982.

The whole band looks great, but bassist Paul Simonon stands out, with his low-slung guitar and red-sloped beret being flawlessly portrayed.

The Clash ' Rock the Cabah '

Building in the two tone style

During the late 70s and early 80s The Specials made some of the most innovative and iconic singles to ever grace the British music charts. Not only did they mix ska, punk and rocksteady beats to raucous effect, they married it with a two tone fashion sense that set them apart from their peers. Red 2 has caught the band at the height of their powers, as they appeared in the music video for their 1979 hit A Message to You Rudy. The LEGO version of the group perfectly capturing their tonic suits, and my favourite part of the build, pork pie hats made form small dishes and domes. It’s no small feat to build all nine members, but it pays off with each posed in mid-swagger, capturing the very essence of their musical style.

A Message To You Rudy : The Specials. c1979

Circle: a brick-built tribute to Finland’s finest

Building a tribute in LEGO to Finland’s finest progressive rock act Circle, Eero Okkonen proves once again that he is the master of the brick-built figure. Each band member has been designed with full articulation in mind, and posed according to their distinctive performance stances.


At TBB we often pick up on standout techniques, but in this case the build is simply littered with too many clever ideas to choose from. Perhaps it’s the way Mika Rättö’s facial expression and distinctive facial hair has been formed from arched mini-figure hands and elaborate horn element?

Mika Rättö

Or then perhaps it’s the way the amplifiers have been lovingly crafted? Dive in and look for yourself — there is so much to discover.

Jussi Lehtisalo

You can read more about Eero’s love for Circle, and see many more photos on his Cyclopic Bricks Blog.

Play on, my dead brothers

Character is everything when it comes to building LEGO figures, and Red’s Calavera Caballerso – literally “skull gentleman” – has this quality in spades. Stepping straight out of the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival, these two skeletal musicians show off an exaggerated graphic style not easy to capture in LEGO. Look closely and every detail reveals another clever building technique: from the fluted sleeves of their jackets, built from layered cones, to the technic element that doubles as a cravat. My favourite though has to be the black t-bar and white clip plate that forms both a mobile jaw and a toothy grin.

The Calavera Caballeros