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A heavy assault mech for all your heavy assault shenanigans

Have you ever wondered what those S.W.A.T. team hand signals mean as they gather outside your house? I believe a fist hoisted straight up and down in the air means “hurry up” while a hand covering the mouth means “gas”. The rest was sort of lost in a fiery frantic blur but no matter the hand signals, a S.W.A.T. team outside means you’re pretty much screwed. While going out in a blaze of glory does have its appeal, you might instead want to employ the help of of this Heavy Assault Mech built by Mishima to tilt the odds in your favor. Trust me, a light assault mech or even a moderate assault mech will not help in this situation. You will need some seriously huge guns–so huge you wonder how it’s still standing upright.

Heavy Assault Mech

A shoulder-mounted Gatling gun and a missile launcher rounds out the arsenal, the latter making excellent use of the “nexagon” part. While doing time in the Big House you might want to check out this builder’s other nifty mechs and bots or follow his Youtube channel for an instructional video on how to build this one. In the meantime, all this mechanized firepower ought to hold you over right up until they send in the attack dogs. Good luck!

Taking inspiration from the next generation of builders

It never ceases to amaze me how inventive kids are when it comes to LEGO building; what they lack in technical skill they make up for in unbridled imagination. Builder Mishima has been tapping into his son’s own amazing ideas: a LEGO shark mech is an ingenious concept in anyone’s book! What I love about the upgraded model is how it diligently sticks to the unusual colour blocking and asymmetric features of the original build; the final adaptation revelling in these design choices. Yet, as cool as Mishima’s reimagined version is, the intellectual property rights probably belong to his son.

My Son's Mech Upgrade 006