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Post-apocalyptic scene in the palm of your hand

You don’t need a big collection of parts to create something remarkable. Just ask Mark, who accepted the 101 part challenge, and made this amazing microscale scene of nature reclaiming those structures built by man. This scene could be straight out of the video game Last of Us with those vine-covered buildings and that abandoned bus. I especially like the cracks in the pavement with just a hint of green. And don’t miss that vine “snaking” across the sidewalk on the right side.

Nature taking back its place

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window

While Psycho isn’t without its charms, Rear Window is my all-time favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie. I’m certain LEGO builder Mark would agree that you ought to check it out if you haven’t already. If you’re feeling a bit voyeuristic with this scene, that, dear readers, is the point. James Stewart plays a wheelchair-bound photographer with nothing better to do but to peer into his neighbor’s windows while his broken leg heals. (This was before Xbox and the internet, mind you.) While learning a lot about his Greenwich Village neighbors’ lives and habits, he is pretty certain he has also witnessed a murder. The rest of the story unfolds with a flavor of suspense and intrigue that only Alfred Hitchcock could pull off.

Rear window - Alfred Hitchcock

Mark replicates the scene nicely with vivid detail. I can just hear the talented pianist practicing in his apartment with the titillating “Miss Torso” dances in hers. And why are those flowers just a bit shorter than they used to be? The answer is a bit gruesome, and neighborhood pets ought to beware!