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By Air Mail, to the future!

When the land is flooded and we take to the skies to avoid global warming, LegOH! is here to allay our fears that we’ll still be getting our mail on time in this LEGO airship build.

LegOH! has managed to cram a lot of detail into this diminutive vessel that I love from the limited colour palette, the steampunk inspired furnace keeping the airship aloft to the wrought iron details and, of course, the cargo of letters connecting this brave new world of aeronauts.

This reminds me, I must stick the holiday post in the mail…

Call the (Space) Cops!

Triangular shapes are never the easiest structures to put together in LEGO creations, so it’s always refreshing to see a fancy tri-wing spaceship design. LegOH!‘s latest model is a cool little Space Police creation — which looks just about perfect for chasing down any ships in breach of close-orbit speed limits. The bubble canopy is great, but it’s the way the lower wings curve around it, and the tall vertical fin which make this model really pop.

The spaceship doesn’t look too shabby from the rear either. The single thruster is simple but effective, and those red fuel tanks are a lovely touch…