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Clean-up in the speeder bike garage!

If you were to set out to build a speeder bike inspired by a sperm whale, you probably couldn’t do a better job than this one by LegoFin, although judging by the toppled oil drums, this particular bike likely won’t be winning any environmental protection awards. I love the slender but comfortable-looking seat and the color scheme, which matches the large white front with a subtle bit at the back. The fins and the transparent blue details reinforce the aquatic theme.

B9-Sokudo - Built for City Life

Surviving the apocalypse is all about a well-provisioned outpost

When it comes to post-apocalyptic LEGO creations, there is a vast selection of sub-genres that builders are inspired by, from cyber-punk, to wasteland survival, to monster/zombie/alien-infested worlds… and so many more. This scene by LegoFin. is set in a world where massive flooding and pollution have forced survivors to carve out a life among the crumbling remains of cities.

CyberPunk 2046: Shells of Society

Aside from some very well-textured and very broken walls, I especially like the use of black bars throughout the structure for re-bar. This creates an even greater sense of danger and hostility in the environment. One missable detail is that the entire outpost is supported by a few small supports precariously balanced over the water. Then there’s all those utilitarian details like the radio tower, weather vane, and solar panels that complete the scene very nicely.