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And boy, have we patented it!

Every year on January 28, we celebrate the day the LEGO brick was born. On that day in 1958, LEGO submitted the world-famous patent for the new brick design. Despite having an iconic meaning for the worldwide community, so far, hardly anyone has tried to recreate the document with plastic bricks! BrickinNick is here to fix the situation with an awesome rendition of one of the patent’s pages. A flat “paper” piece includes all the notes and comments combining both brick-built and printed ones. But the best part, of course, is the 3D bricks in various angles and cross-sections. Nick perfectly captures different drawing styles on the patent documents, like crosshatching, placing plates the other way around. The contrast between the surfaces is spot-on, and I wish a model like this one would be turned into another LEGO House exclusive set.

The LEGO Brick Patent

The day the LEGO brick was born – January 28, 1958 [Feature]

The 28th of January marks the birthday of LEGO — the day when various designs of the brick were submitted to the Patent and Trademark office, and celebrated today as International LEGO Day. The story of the LEGO brick has been told many a time, often glossed over and missing the exact point of discovery. It was only on July 8th, 2020 on Godtfred Kirk Christiansen’s birthday that we finally got some insight into how it all came together.  An article was written by Mads Klougart Jakobsen, LEGO’s Manager, Internal Communications, which was only circulated internally for LEGO employees, but was eventually shared with the public LEGO fan community.

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