The next LEGO House exclusive set revealed: 40502 The Brick Moulding Machine [News]

Today, LEGO reveals the new 40502 The Brick Moulding Machine set. The set becomes the second LEGO House Limited Edition product (joining 40501 The Wooden Duck) and will sell exclusively at the LEGO House starting March 4 for 599 DKK (approximately US $99).

Just like the Wooden Duck set, the new Moulding machine is all about LEGO’s history and heritage. Both the box and the building guide offer extensive information about the manufacturing process and the evolution of the machinery.

The complete model measures 7.4” (19 cm) tall, 5.9” (15 cm) deep and 11.4” (29 cm) wide, which makes it similar to another much more hard-to-find set, 4000001 Inside Tour (LIT) Exclusive 2011 Edition – Moulding Machines.

The 1205-piece model represents not just a random moulding machine used by LEGO, but a replica of the one located on the ground floor of the LEGO House. Fed by red ABS-granules stored in the basement, the actual machine produces 2×4 bricks in red, hence the tiny red elements that can be seen in the mould of the new set.

When presenting the new product, LEGO designers Stuart Harris and Markus Rollbühler shared that they wanted to make the model as spectacular as possible. This is why the final model is so massive: one of the principal decisions during the development was to make the doors functional, as well as to add distinctive red bricks inside the moving mould mechanism.

The set features a number of new and recolored parts. For instance, the regular 4×6 doors and door frames appear in lime green for the first time. As for the new designs, the set comes with several 2×2 plated with a LEGO House polybag print — a souvenir set containing six 2×4 bricks in red (produced by the abovementioned machine). The bricks that can be connected in hundreds of millions of ways celebrate unlimited creativity.

The new LEGO House exclusive 40502 The Brick Moulding Machine set will go on sale starting March 4 for 599 DKK. It will be sold exclusively at the LEGO House for a limited period of time.

Here is the full press release:

LEGO® House reveals new LEGO House Exclusive product:
40502 – The Brick Moulding Machine

The newest product in the Limited Edition series of LEGO® House Exclusives is soon to be available at the LEGO House Retail Store in Billund, Denmark.

Ever since the opening of LEGO® House it has been an important milestone for LEGO House to create exclusive products because we believe they add significantly to the experience of visiting LEGO House – the pinnacle LEGO experience.

The first three exclusive products were the LEGO House Architecture set, the LEGO House Tree of Creativity, and the LEGO House Dinosaurs.

One thing is remaking our iconic models in LEGO House into LEGO sets. But since we also want to tie the LEGO Group and not least the LEGO Group history closely to LEGO House it made a lot of sense for us to introduce this new series that we call: The LEGO House Limited Editions. The Wooden Duck is the first item in the series of LEGO House Limited Editions.

We are now happy to announce the latest product in our Limited Edition series – The Brick Moulding Machine!

The Brick Moulding Machine is representing an era in the history of the LEGO Group going from producing toys in wood into plastic. It is the story about putting all efforts into one focus and leaving your core competencies behind to explore the new possibilities and technologies in producing toys with plastic materials.

The first machine arrived in Billund in 1947 and it took up to four people to manually operate one single machine efficiently.

Today the LEGO Group has around 1,000 moulding machines operating all over the world and one LEGO employee can operate 32 machines. The Billund facility alone produces 1,360 LEGO elements each second from these machines.

In LEGO House guests can experience a real-life moulding machine up close. The green machine is identical to the moulding machines found at the LEGO production sites in Denmark, Hungary, Mexico, and China. The difference, however, is that it has a special custom-made mould designed to only contain six bricks. Standard moulds produce many more bricks.

Did you know?

• The first moulding machine is bought in 1946 after Ole Kirk Kristiansen attended a demonstration of a plastic injection moulding machine at a fair in Copenhagen.

• In 1949 the LEGO® Group’s plastics department manufactures various kinds of toys. Among these are the company’s first plastic bricks, which are marketed under the name “Automatic Binding Bricks”.

• On 28 January 1958 at 1:58 pm, the modern LEGO brick is born when a patent for the unique clutch power is secured.

• In 1960 the second-generation owner, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen decided to put all eggs in one basket and purely focus on the LEGO brick.

• A real-life moulding machine can be found in LEGO House where guests can see it up close. It is identical to the ones in other LEGO production sites but is custom made to only produce six bricks at the time and run at a slower pace.

• In the 60s and 70s, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen initiated decommissioned moulds to be cast into the concrete foundations of new factories in Billund to prevent them for falling into wrong hands.

• In the History Collection in LEGO House, you can also find decommissioned moulds hiding in the floor for visitors to see.

Facts about 40502 Brick Moulding Machine

• The Brick Moulding Machine represents an era in the LEGO Group going from producing wooden toys into plastic toys.

• The 1205-piece model measurements are the following: 7.4” (19 cm) tall, 5.9” (15 cm) deep and 11.4” (29 cm) wide. 

• Base comprises printed tiles with the words ‘LEGO® House’ and ‘The Brick Moulding Machine’. 

• Ideal for fans of LEGO® building and collectors of toy memorabilia.
Suitable for ages 10 and up. 

• Price: 599 DKK

• This set is only available in LEGO House.