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Zoids and LEGO – a childhood construction dream

There is a LEGO Zoids contest on at the moment, and Garry (Garry_rocks) has virtually build himself a doozy of an entry in Ultraterius. Not sure if this can be built for real in blue, but I’d happily accept it in a grey or yellow.

"Ultraterius" Zoid

Chasovoy is watching you.

It is time to put on your digital bib, constant reader, and feast upon the latest LDD build from Brickviller. Like most virtual models, I can’t get past my long standing prejudice of immediately wondering how it would look in “real” bricks, but hopefully the builder won’t hold that against me. The design is remarkable and to my admittedly untrained eyes, very Russian.

BU Chasovoy-1

CLAAS Jaguar 900-Series Harvester

Like many of us, Peter Blackert (lego911) spends too much time in gridlock where the mind eventually wanders to our favorite hobby. In Peter’s own words: “One saving grace of terrible traffic, is that it gives me more time to look longingly at the lovely white-and-lime tractors and harvesters at the local CLAAS distribution centre, next to the highway.” The official LEGO set #7636 from 2009 was also an inspiration for the massive harvester. Peter has also thoughtfully included some variants depending on what kind of crop you need harvested.

CLAAS Jaguar 900-Series Harvester

I only wish I could translate an object or location on my daily commute, but the Hustler Club and the Ocean-Spray factory don’t really cut it for me.


Daiman Mardon has been posting a series of futuristic construction vehicles that should have Caterpillar Inc. looking to hire a LEGO-nerd to its R&D staff.

Vertcal CAT

Garry_rocks absolutely rocks!

Tau Fire WarriorFlickr user Garry_rocks has been churning out an endless supply of stunning mecha and hardsuit designs ever since he joined in November. I tend to overlook strictly virtual creations more than I probably should, and Garry reinforces that I should pay closer to attention to LEGO Digitial Designer (LDD) models more often. The fact that he creates these models without being able to hold the bricks impresses me even further, when I build it is always by trial & error and just generally fiddling with the pieces. If you haven’t already, you must take some time to browse through Garry’s stream. It is guaranteed to inspire all the mecha and sci-fi builders out there.

"Rage" Heavy Hardsuit/Light Tank

Garry has a total knack for creating fantastic cockpit designs at a relatively small scale…trust me when I say that I have been making notes.
"Ram" Medium Hardsuit

Shrouded in Mystery

Flickr user SHROUD is working on a long term project using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) to bring his vision of an epic scale Capital Ship to life. The CS Ecliption is being released in modular sections to make it more manageable and to avoid crashing the program. This particular module is one of the Void Pirate Flagship’s gargantuan missle launchers.

Capital Ship - Capital Missile Launcher (Open)