Zoids and LEGO – a childhood construction dream

There is a LEGO Zoids contest on at the moment, and Garry (Garry_rocks) has virtually build himself a doozy of an entry in Ultraterius. Not sure if this can be built for real in blue, but I’d happily accept it in a grey or yellow.

"Ultraterius" Zoid

5 comments on “Zoids and LEGO – a childhood construction dream

  1. OrangeKnight

    And so much more beyond that. Off hand I see 4 other parts that don’t come in the colors shown I believe.

  2. OrangeKnight

    How is pointing out errors not a comment? It’s not terribly in depth but given the context of both the blog entry and the prior comment I don’t see how it’s out of place.

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